What is Public Relations to You?

Hey guys! I am back and ready to talk to you about one of my favorite things, my major, Public Relations! So when I first started college, it took me forever to settle on one thing I enjoyed, that I was actually good at. My mom was my advisor and she always would say how great my communication skills are so I got to thinking about Public Relations. I was like “maybe it’s boring” and “I don’t know if that is me”, but it turns out, it was the best decision I have made in my college career.

It blows my mind that so many people ask “Wait, what is Public Relations“, or “what can you even do with that?” Umm, HELLO, YOU USE COMMUNICATION FOR NEARLY ANY JOB YOU DO, RIGHT? Public Relations and communication go hand in hand and without great communication skills, I don’t know what I would do. What has taught me this? My major, of course! So, to help anyone that needs a better understanding of what it is, I made this infographic to better explain!

PR infograph

A lot people think all that Public Relations professionals strictly work with “media relations.” I figured the photo I incorporated that says “what we actually do vs what people think we do was really beneficial to help understand. In PR, you have to deal with media relations, crisis communications to happen at any moment, press releases, SOCIAL MEDIA (which I’m sure 98% of you reading this blog use) event planning and so many more things. (I COULD GO ON AND ON)

You’d be surprised how many times someone will ask me what my major is and I say “Communications/PR” and they say oh, that must be easy. AND IT ABSOLUTELY GRINDS MY GEARS. You used communication for everything you do! Every day, I learn to appreciate my major more and more. I used to be so scared to present in front of people, and communicate with new people at networking events, but my classes in Public Relations have helped me overcome those nerves. THAT IS HOW AMAZING PUBLIC RELATIONS IS, Y’ALL! I’M SERIOUS! If you have any further questions about my infographic, please comment or let me know!

That’s all for now. See you guys next week! 🙂



4 thoughts on “What is Public Relations to You?

  1. I absolutely loved this blog! I completely agree that PR awesome! It is also one of the best decisions in which I have made. I also could not decide on something, and when deciding this it was awesome! Cannot wait to read what you have next week!



  2. This blog was great! I also wrote about what PR is in my blog post and I think you and I had similar aspects, especially in our infographics. PR can be very confusing to people who don’t truly know what it is so I think this topic was great to write about to inform others. This blog was great and your infographic was very informative, I loved the graphs!


  3. I absolutely love your infographic! It is so cute! Also, I agree that everyone uses communication. PR is always! We do a little bit of everything. Where I work, I am a media relations assistant. But, we literally handle everything, so I think your graph is completely accurate! Nice job!


  4. Abby that was a great blog with a lot of great background points on what public relations is! I love how I can totally hear you say all of this in my head because we have become pretty good friends. Keep pushing along with your future plans in public relations. You’ll do a great job.

    -Trent Buchanan


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