Political Campaign Failure….

And I am back! I hope everyone’s week is going great. I am back and ready to share with you something for class. For this assignment, we were assigned to find a successful or failed political campaign strategy. Of course, I chose to write about a failed one because it is just more fun that way! 🙂 There were a few different things I wanted to write about but I narrowed it down to the “Dewey defeats Truman” political campaign. During the 1948 presidential election, The Chicago Daily Tribune incorrectly posted news. This was the day after the election after Harry Truman had won an upset victory over Republican candidate Thomas Dewey.

This was obviously long before we had 24/7 hour news but it is still amazing how easily things can be reversed and messed up. This campaign kind of relates to the Miss Universe pageant where the winners names and 1st runner up names were misread by Steve Harvey. Here is the link if you’ve never seen it! But people can never be too sure before reading or posting something! The newspaper headline read “Dewey defeats Truman which was incorrect. Apparently, someone thought Dewey for sure had the campaign but Truman ended up winning, becoming our 33rd president of the United States. On election night, this earlier press deadline required the first post-election issue of the tribune to go to press before the East Coast states had reported many results from  polling locations.

Following the incident, the paper was held up by Truman at a public appearance following his successful election, smiling at the error. Personally, I think this talk about the newspaper only made his campaign even stronger. Because following this, I’m sure more and more people were even interested in him and to see his reaction to the mistake. This huge failure probably made his name more popular to his fans.

This is a prime example of how you need to EDIT your work and know the news and how it should be released. Don’t do things the night before because things change every minute of every hour of every day. Hope to see y’all back next week on a super interesting blog!


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5 thoughts on “Political Campaign Failure….

  1. I loved this post! I read about this incident while I was in high school and laughed about it. It’s crazy that they really thought someone would win the election and already have things ready to go for the next day. I think that’s lazy work in my opinion. I feel like this is why most newspapers has a person that strictly proofreads material before they are sent out because incidents like this can be tragic for the company. I feel like if this would have happened now, that news company would have been torn to shreds by the public!


  2. I agree with Nina. I remember learning this in COMM 204 and laughing. I thought “how embarrassing would that be”. Not just for the newspaper company, but for Dewey as well. Actually, when I was in high school my junior year, I was at our sectional football game. We were playing a pretty good team, but long story short, we won. Following that Monday, the community had learned that the competitors had already made their sectional shirts thinking our team would lose. They had actually released a portion of them before the game had ended and had to release an apology. I think the school corporation learned their lesson.


  3. Abbie again, consecutively, you write a fantastic blog for the week. This is a prime example of an absolute failure in public relations. This incident is probably impossible to do in todays wold of electronic media and 24/7 of people working nonstop. Good job!


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  4. What’s funny is that I saw the picture all the time, but never knew why Truman looked so happy. Maybe I just didn’t pay that close attention in high school. I liked this post though, I thought it was extremely well written, and your voice shines through. Great work (:

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  5. This was a good article that felt like it was literally talking with me. Not only is it very well structured for the campaign discussion, but the beginning made me feel as though I was talking to someone. This article was very easy to follow along especially about political stuff.

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