Kristi Deetz Interview

Hey y’all. I’m back! I am extremely excited to write this blog today… Our assignment for class involves finding a Public Relations professional and interviewing them. I chose to ask Kristi Deetz to take the time out of her day to talk with me over the phone. Kristi is from Vincennes so I was unable to meet with her in person; therefore, we talked over the phone. I expected our interview to be around 10-15 minutes but it ended up running around 27 minutes….. (oops). Kristi is the Senior Director of External Relations at Vincennes University (my former college), GO TRAILBLAZERS!

Deet’z has an associate degree in broadcasting technology and modern foreign language from Ball State. She also has her BA from Ball state in Telecommunications as well as her Master of Arts in executive development for public service. She has been in her current position at the university since 2007.

Kristi’s job includes working with individual departments and developing materials for marketing. She also meets with other college partners and prepares her days for “always on hold” for a crisis to occur. One of the main things Kristi discussed with me was a recent project her department had been working on. This was “re-branding Vincennes University.” This was super intriguing to me considering we had Chris Westfall on campus just a few weeks prior to this interview. He talked to us about branding ourselves and so did Kristi.

Another thing I was really interested in was how she keeps current in Public Relations throughout her work week. “Every year, I like to attend a couple conferences that are focused in the marketing side but include Public Relations for both higher ed and marketing in general to bring up things happening in the world,” said Deetz.  She also suggested professional conferences and reading (articles and blogs) and keeping up with what other people are doing to succeed.

Some of the tips that Kristi gave me really opened my eyes to new things as well. Her main pointer was to not sit behind a desk which is so true. You can’t get things done in the Public Relations industry behind a desk cooped up in your computer all day! You have to put yourself out there and brand yourself by networking.  It was a pleasure getting to speak with Kristi and I am thankful she took the time out of her day to help me for this assignment

That’s all for today guys…..I hope to catch everyone next week for a new exciting story! 🙂 thanks y’all. Have a great week!!!!

Below is Kristi’s LinkedIn profile is you’re interested in checking her out!

Kristi’s LinkedIn Profile


Image Credit: LinkedIn


3 thoughts on “Kristi Deetz Interview

  1. I think that it was perfect timing that she talked to you about rebranding Vincennes University after Chris was just on our campus. It sounds like she leads a fun career! I think going to conferences is very important even after you are in the field. Sounds like you chose a great person to interview!


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