4 tips to be the best blogger you can be

Hey y’all. This is my first official blog post so bare with me if it isn’t the best…. I hope you enjoy the post and it helps your blogging and also can help me improve on mine.

Tip 1: Basic writing skills

You don’t have to be freaking Stephen King people, just write and be yourself. Having the most basic skills in writing will provide you with a more comfortable writing style so people can tell you enjoy your blog you are posting!


You need/use communication LITERALLY for anything you do. Any job you will have over the course of your career, you’re going to need to understand basic communication. You want to be a cop? Well, you have to talk to people. You want to be a teacher? You will need to know how to communicate with your students and coworkers. You text your boyfriend or buddy from class; you need basic communication skills to do all of these things. Communication is KEY for anything you do throughout your career.

Tip 3: Proofread or fail

When you write a paper, before turning it in, what do you do? (Or what should you do?) PROOFREAD. Your followers, those who share your blog, anyone seeing your post is going to see the small errors you make so be sure to review it. Have a buddy go over it for you but make sure it’s perfect before you push submit!!!!!!

Tip 4: Be creative

A huge advantage to becoming the best blogger you can be is to be yourself and make it creative. Do things differently than other bloggers. Make the post YOU!

I really hope these tips help you with your blogging as well as mine being that I’m new to this too. Hopefully, my tips will give you some insight on how to be the best blogger you can be! Catch up with me next week on my blog over an organization crisis! 🙂




Image Credit: Avigna Learning Academy


4 thoughts on “4 tips to be the best blogger you can be

  1. I really enjoyed your blogging tips, Abbie. I think one of my favorite tips was tip #1: basic writing skills. Mainly because most bloggers feel like they have to be Stephen King like you said, but all they need is basic writing skills, to succeed. By the way, congratulations on your internship at Disney World! That should be so much fun. -Javonte’

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  2. Abbie,

    I loved your blog! Those tips will help me so much in blogging! I have never blogged before, so seeing someone that has not and shows me as well as themselves how to have a successful blog, is AWESOME! They are so true, and will help anyone have a successful blog! I love your analogies used throughout this, they were great and quite comical! Awesome job! 🙂

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  3. Abbie,

    Thank you for your blogging tips!! I really enjoyed the proof reading one because you are right, no one wants to read bad grammar and see misspellings everywhere, that will just make your blog seem as if you didn’t care to put the time and effort into it. I also liked how you put your personality into your first post, I look forward to reading your next posts!! (:

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